Exploring the unknown….
Structures forgotten by time and society. I sneak into abandoned locations looking to capture the decay,architecture and memories of the past..
Nelson Photography

Armed with my Canon 7D DSLR camera, I enter locations to photo document these forgotten places. I find the decay of uninhabited space to be moving, and at times a little daunting. In my opinion it’s the closest you can get to the past.

Oblivion State

 This forum exists to bring like minded people together to share their experiences. Come on in and take a look!

Wevskys Shiz

A blog with Wevskys  Explores and Photographs from locations around the UK and Europe

Wesley Brown

 A good friend of mine who has helped me with my Photography over the last few years

Paul Powers

The exploration of man made  structures

28 Days Later

Is a digital meeting place for like-minded people to share their experiences, reports and photographs. It is not a club or organisation and has no representatives, members or physical presence.


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