Naval Boats - Belgium

Naval Boats – Belgium

Naval Boats – Belgium

  Royal Danish Navy Fast Patrol Boats 
SØHESTEN (Sea Horse) P513 (1966-1990) & SØHUNDEN (Sea Dog) P514 (1966-1990)

3 Rolls Royce Marine Gas Turbines – 12,750 Hps.
2 General Motors Diesel Engines – 460 Hps.
3 Propellers

Speed : 
54 knots (gas turbines)
10 knots (diesel engines)

Armament :
1-2 ea 40 mm Machine Gun Mk M/48 LvSa (2×1)
2-4 ea 533 mm Torpedo Tubes (4×1)
2 ea Illumination Rocket Launcher (on forward gun)
10 ea mines could be carried in stead of the torpedo tubes
After the mid 1980’s, the aft 40 mm was permanently replaced by:
1 ea 20 mm Machine Gun Mk M/42 LvSa

27 men (5 officers and 22 ratings and enlisted)

The FPB could be equipped as a torpedo boat with one forward gun and four torpedo tubes, or as a gun boat with two guns (forward and aft) and only two torpedo tubes.